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Shakespeare called the eyes the window into the soul. Increasingly, physicians are calling them a window to treating a remarkable number of health issues with light. For many years, sunlight has been a standard treatment for psoriasis, the poorly understood inflammatory condition that causes the skin thickening and eruption of red, scaly patches. But lately, light therapy has been used successfully to treat a lot of other ailments. The Normal menstrual cycle lasts about a month, but some girls extend up to twice as long. Long cycles may be a benefit for some women – less premenstrual syndrome, for example – but for women seeking to have kids, long cycles restrict opportunities for conception. In a pilot study, women were subjected to the light of a 100-watt light bulb while they slept. The girls slept with the light on for five nights close to the centre of the extended cycles, and the cycles became shorter. It does not understand why this treatment works, but it is thought that the light affects regulation of female sexual hormones. In that case, phototherapy may one day be used to treat some cases of infertility.

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One type of insomnia involves a nightly inability to fall asleep until the wee hours and often the misuse of alcohol and sleeping pills to deliver on the sandman. It is called delayed phase syndrome DSPS, or night-owl insomnia, and massage gun australia it typically develops during the teen years. Researchers blame it on with a maladjusted biological rhythm that does not say good night until a few hours beyond a usual bedtime. Bright-light therapy appears like the best choice for relief.

In 1 study, 20 people with DSPS to invest two hours every morning under a bright-light appliance and wear dark goggles for 2 hours before dusk. After a couple weeks, participants fell asleep two hours before and awakened the next morning feeling more refreshed and alert. When contacted six months afterwards. Virtually all participants reported buying bright-light appliances. There’s a good reason why the job shift from midnight to 8.00A.M is known as the graveyard shift. Individuals who work nights are two to five times more likely to fall asleep at work and have accidents. Late-night sleepiness may impair the conclusion of police, fire-fighters and ambulance drivers.

Moreover, a disturbing number of airline disasters have happened in wee hours. Now phototherapy may come to the rescue. 30 graveyard-shift employees were selected to execute a set of jobs every hour for a single night. The employees were gauged on their sleepiness using standard tests. The following night, the lights have been replaced from 500-lux lighting to 9,000-lux lighting. After just 1 night under the bright light, the employee’s accuracy improved dramatically, while their sleepiness diminished. One night’s exposure to bright light appears to have altered their biological clocks, allowing them to perform better on following nights.